Potter’s Word Publishing is the home of USA Today bestselling and award-winning author, Luana Ehrlich.

All Luana’s books are clean, “flinch-free” Christian fiction and are  published exclusively on Amazon under Potter’s Word Publishing. This website is for readers who are curious about the face of Potter’s Word Publishing, and who are looking for other authors who also write clean fiction.

Many authors linked on this website write Christian fiction with a definite emphasis on the gospel message, while others write stories which only hint at faith, or they may include no emphasis at all. All authors linked to this site write “flinch-free” fiction, which means readers will never encounter profanity, erotica, or excessive violence while enjoying their books.

Take a look around, download a few books, and please keep in mind your reviews are the author’s best hope of getting more readers. By clicking on a few stars on Amazon and writing a line or two, you’ll be offering  encouragement to a writer. In fact, you’ll probably make their day!

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