Why I Write Christian Thrillers

Luana Ehrlich 200pxAuthor Luana Ehrlich writes:

I’ve been reading books in the mystery/suspense/thriller genre since I was eleven years old. Beginning with Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys all the way up to Joel Rosenberg and Daniel Silva, I’ve read them all–or most of them!

When I decided to write my own set of thrillers, I knew I’d have to write in this genre. While I was certain about my genre, I wasn’t as certain about whether my characters would be involved in a Christian type of storyline. I wrestled with this question, because, as a Christian, my faith permeates every aspect of who I am.

I settled that question when I heard about the plight of Christians in the Middle East who were being persecuted for their faith. I wondered what would happen if a CIA officer got caught up in a botched mission inside Tehran and encountered some of these Iranian Christians. What if he became a believer after living with them for several months? How would his conversion change his lifestyle and his ability to continue working as a covert operative?

Shortly after asking these questions, I started outlining the plot of One Night in Tehran, a story about a recently converted CIA officer named Titus Alan Ray, who heard the gospel for the first time from some Iranian Christians  while hiding out from the Iranian secret police in a safe house in Tehran. After being smuggled out of Iran by these same Christians, Titus struggles to understand his newfound faith while staying one step of an assassin and meeting a beautiful detective who considers him a suspect in a murder case.

When I reached the end of One Night in Tehran, I realized there was so much of this quirky CIA agent’s story left to be told that I began developing a series of Titus Ray Thrillers. After doing an extensive amount of research on best publishing practices, I decided to publish my print copies through Amazon’s CreateSpace and my eBooks through Kindle Direct Publishing. I based my decision on royalty payments, the  worldwide reach of Amazon, and the testimonies of other authors who have had great success publishing through this venue.

While there was a slight learning curve to the process, I received a tremendous amount of help and support from Amazon’s customer service. What I especially loved was never having to wait in a telephone queue, plus their knowledgeable representatives. I even ended up having CreateSpace design my book covers for me, and later, I used their audio book site, ACX for my audio books. (The process of choosing one of their narrators for the project was super fun!)

Needless to say, I highly recommend Amazon as the way to go for indie publishers! You can even create your own publishing arm–like I did with Potter’s Word Publishing–and list it as your publisher.

My second book in the Titus Ray Thriller series, Two Days in Caracas, was published in 2015, and the third, Three Weeks in Washington, was released in August 2016. Right now, I’m working on Book IV, Four Months in Cuba, which will be released in late 2017.

Titus Ray Thrillers are available in print, Kindle and Audiobooks on Amazon here.

About Luana:

Read Luana’s biographical information here.

To learn more about Luana Ehrlich, visit her website: Luana Ehrlich Website.

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