Why I Write Christian Thrillers

Luana Ehrlich 200pxAuthor Luana Ehrlich writes:

I’ve been reading books in the mystery/suspense/thriller genre since I was eleven years old. Beginning with Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys all the way up to Joel Rosenberg and Daniel Silva, I’ve read them all–or most of them!

When I decided to write my own set of thrillers, I knew I’d have to write in this genre. While I was certain about my genre, I wasn’t as certain about whether my characters would be involved in a Christian type of storyline. I wrestled with this question, because, as a Christian, my faith permeates every aspect of who I am.

I settled that question when I heard about the plight of Christians in the Middle East who were being persecuted for their faith. I wondered what would happen if a CIA officer got caught up in a botched mission inside Tehran and encountered some of these Iranian Christians. What if he became a believer after living with them for several months? How would his conversion change his lifestyle and his ability to continue working as a covert operative?

Shortly after asking these questions, I started outlining the plot of One Night in Tehran, a story about a recently converted CIA officer named Titus Alan Ray, who heard the gospel for the first time from some Iranian Christians  while hiding out from the Iranian secret police in a safe house in Tehran. After being smuggled out of Iran by these same Christians, Titus struggles to understand his newfound faith while staying one step of an assassin and meeting a beautiful detective who considers him a suspect in a murder case.

When I reached the end of One Night in Tehran, I realized there was so much more of this quirky CIA agent’s story left to be told, and that’s when I began developing this series of novels known as Titus Ray Thrillers.

After doing an extensive amount of research on best publishing practices, I decided to publish my print copies through Amazon’s CreateSpace and my eBooks through Kindle Direct Publishing. I based my decision on royalty payments, the  worldwide reach of Amazon, and the testimonies of other authors who have had great success publishing through this venue.

While there was a slight learning curve to the process, I received a tremendous amount of help and support from Amazon’s customer service. What I especially loved was never having to wait in a telephone queue, plus their knowledgeable representatives. Later, I used their audio book site, ACX, for my audio books. (The process of choosing one of their narrators for the project was super fun!)

Needless to say, I highly recommend Amazon as the way to go for indie publishers! You can even create your own publishing arm–like I did with Potter’s Word Publishing–and list it as your publisher.

Each Titus Ray Thriller can be read as a standalone novel, but for readers who prefer the series experience, I would suggest reading Titus Ray Thrillers in the following order:

One Step Back, a novella, the prequel to One Night in Tehran
One Night in Tehran, Book I
Two Days in Caracas, Book II
Three Weeks in Washington, Book III
Four Months in Cuba, Book IV
Five Years in Yemen, Book V (coming in 2018)

Titus Ray Thrillers are available in print, Kindle and Audiobooks on Amazon here.

About Luana:

Read Luana’s biographical information here.

To learn more about Luana Ehrlich, visit her website: Luana Ehrlich Website.

You can learn more about Titus Ray Thrillers here.

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