Why I Write Thrillers

DonyJayHeadshots-26webAuthor Dony Jay writes:

So why do I write thrillers?

First and foremost it’s because those are the books that I love to read. I have a passion for all kinds of books—ask my wife, she’ll tell you. But above all, I love thrillers, novels dripping with action, adventure, spies and special operations. Books from the masters like Ludlum, Silva, Flynn and Thor to name a few of my all-time favorites.

Maybe the better question is why do I write.

The answer is simple: because I must. When I first started writing in 2010, I knew I wanted to write spy thrillers, books loaded with action and derring-do, exciting characters and compelling plots. But for my books to be honest, for them to be a reflection of me, the person, I needed to write them from and with a Christian perspective. My faith has guided me through my entire life. Why should my writing be any different? My protagonist, Reagan Rainey, is not perfect. In fact, he’s far from it, but he’s guided by Christian principles and traditional American values.

That brings me to another point in the context of why I write. I also write to highlight the greatness and exceptionalism that is America. Not progressive utopian America. But America as she was founded. All the way down to her biblical roots. As a reader I want more books that combat the cultural upheaval the world is experiencing these days. I know that God is good. Good is good. No matter who or what says otherwise. As an author, my books will always represent that.

The most important reason I write though is not to obtain fame or fortune, which can both be fleeting, or even to trumpet the America that I so desperately love. No. The overarching reason I write, why I must write, is to point readers to the truth of Jesus Christ. Of course, I want my books to be exciting and entertaining but also to have purpose and relevance in people’s lives. Maybe I just want it all. But at the end of the day, whether you read general-market thrillers, Christian thrillers or both, I’m writing for you and to you.

So I invite you to come and see for yourself. Follow Reagan Rainey and his friends downrange then tell me what you think. You can find The Warrior Spy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and elsewhere, both in paperback and ebook. And later this year, check out Artifacts of Conspiracy, book #2 in the Warrior Spy Thriller series.

God bless and keep reading!

About Dony Jay:

Dony graduated from York College of PA in 2000. Since 2003, Dony has been a police officer for a small department in Pennsylvania. In 2007, he was assigned to the department’s Criminal Investigations Division, where he still serves. Beginning in 2010, Dony set out to author his own spy thriller series, one with a distinctly Christian worldview and a patriotic flair for America…as she was founded. When he’s not reading or writing, he loves staying fit and cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles. Dony believes the tenets of a rich & rewarding life include faith, family and freedom. In that order. He resides in south-central Pennsylvania with his wife and two children.

Website: www.DonyJayBooks.com

Email: DonyJay@DonyJayBooks.com

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