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Release for One Day Gone

About The Book:

One Day Gone 600

One Day Gone is Book I in the Mylas Grey Mystery Series.

Mylas Grey is a private investigator but don’t call him a private detective.

That title belongs to his father—not to him.

Mylas is the Chief Investigator for Senator Davis Allen, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. His job is to do background investigations for the President’s judicial nominees, and that’s the only kind of investigation he’s interested in doing.

But then Lizzie, the Senator’s daughter, goes missing from her campus apartment.

And suddenly, just like that, Mylas finds himself back in his hometown of Columbia, Missouri, investigating her disappearance as if he were a run-of-the-mill private detective.

Nothing about the investigation is easy.

Discovering a motive isn’t easy . . .

Lizzie has a reputation for doing the unexpected, and she could have just left town for a few days without telling anyone. On the other hand, she could have done something stupid and gotten herself into serious trouble.

Staying focused on the investigation isn’t easy . . .

When Mylas meets a beautiful photographer at his brother’s church, and she offers to help him find Lizzie, he finds himself getting a little distracted from the investigation—well, maybe more than a little distracted.

Revisiting his past isn’t easy . . .

As Mylas is forced to spend time in his hometown, he begins to question his career choice, his rejection of Christianity, and his failed personal relationships.

Solving the mystery of Lizzie’s disappearance isn’t easy . . .

It gets even more complicated when Mylas learns Lizzie was researching an article for her campus newspaper about a judge with a secret past. Is the judge connected to Lizzie’s disappearance? Did Lizzie’s boyfriend play a role? What about Lizzie’s roommate?

So many suspects. So little time.

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New Release for TSF

About The Book:

2019-0689 Luana Ehrlich b02Two Steps Forward  is the sixth book in the Titus Ray Thriller series featuring CIA intelligence officer, Titus Ray.

CIA operative Titus Ray expects the unexpected. 
Just not this time. Just not this way. Just not on his honeymoon.

An unexpected encounter in Morocco . . .
Titus and Nikki begin their new life together in a church ceremony in Norman, Oklahoma and immediately fly to Marrakesh, Morocco for their honeymoon. Then, the unexpected happens, and Titus has an encounter with Jihadi terrorist Baran Asan.

An unexpected discovery in Israel . . .
Cutting their honeymoon short, Titus and Nikki head over to Israel to search for their foster child’s grandmother, but then an unexpected discovery leads to a second sighting of Baran Asan and reveals disturbing news about a planned assassination in Iraq.

An unexpected assassination in Iraq . . .
With time running out, the Agency sends Titus to Baghdad to prevent the assassination of the Iraqi Prime Minister. But is he really the assassin’s target? Could it be someone else?

Book VI in the Titus Ray Thriller Series is a spellbinding adventure of the unexpected, where Titus learns to rely on his fledgling faith, confront his past failures, and embrace a new life with Nikki Saxon Ray.

What People Are Saying About Titus Ray Thrillers:

“The characters are very well-developed and believable. I enjoyed the way the author described Titus Ray’s internal struggles and character flaws creating a very authentic main character. The story was action-packed and one is left wondering how the author could be so knowledgeable of the CIA and the work of their covert operatives.”

“Excellent read full of action and intrigue, with a dash of soul mixed in for good measure.”

“A fast paced story line full of cliffhangers, conspiracy and romance!”

“I’m definitely hooked on this series. Much suspense, twists and turns.”

” I recommend these books for all who enjoy good clean fiction, especially involving current events in the world. I like the development of the characters and their relationship.”

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About The Author:

Luana Ehrlich 200px

Luana picked up her first adult spy novel when she was eleven years old. Today, she continues to have a passion for the thriller/suspense genre of fiction. In addition to being an avid reader, she is also a news fanatic and follows events around the world on a daily basis, particularly the Middle East.

Luana is an award-winning author, minister’s wife, and former missionary. She has lived in Norman, Oklahoma for the past two decades. Previously, she resided in several states in the South and Midwest, and, along with her husband, she served as a missionary in Costa Rica and Venezuela.

Occasionally, she reports on the experiences of newly converted Christians for Baptist Press, a national news service for Baptists. She was also a weekly columnist for The Indiana Baptist, where she told the stories of ordinary people who became followers of Christ. Luana is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, and her fourth book, Four Months in Cuba, was a finalist for the 2018 Carol Awards in the mystery/suspense/thriller category.

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About Titus Ray Thrillers:

Book I, One Night in Tehran, launched this series of thrillers by author Luana Ehrlich who says, “I was inspired to write the first book in the series, when I heard about the persecution of Christians in Iran about five years ago.

“I wondered what would happen if a veteran CIA intelligence operative in Tehran encountered a group of Iranian Christians and became a believer. How would his conversion affect his career? How would a man trained to lie and deceive others be able to follow the teachings of Christ in the real world?”

One Step Back is the prequel to the Titus Ray Thriller Series.

One Step Back 200

Titus has been in Iran  trying to recruit assets willing to feed him intel on the Iranian opposition. However, when he meets Amir Madani, one of Iran’s  nuclear scientist, he can’t resist the opportunity to pursue him as a CIA asset.

Although Chaman, an Iranian socialite, warns Titus to stay away from Madani, he ignores her advice and befriends the nuclear scientist. The consequences prove disastrous, and, as the secret police close in, he’s forced to find shelter with a group of Iranian Christians, who risk their lives to save his.

The Titus Ray Thriller Series begins with Book I, One Night in Tehran

OneNightinTehranWhile on the run from the Iranian secret police, CIA officer Titus Ray encounters a group of Christians in Tehran. The battle-hardened agent becomes a believer shortly before being smuggled out of Iran to freedom in Turkey.

Back in the States, Titus learns he’s been targeted by an assassin. Now, while trying to figure out what it means to be a follower of Christ, he must decide if the Iranian couple he meets in Oklahoma has ties to the man who’s trying to kill him, and if Nikki Saxon can be trusted with his secrets.


TwoDaysinCaracas__LuanaEhrlichIn Book II, Two Days in Caracas, CIA intelligence officer, Titus Ray, travels from Costa Rica to Venezuela in an effort to stop Ahmed Al-Amin, a Hezbollah assassin, from murdering a high-profile government official.

Along the way, a family crisis jeopardizes his mission, and an Agency division head threatens to destroy his career. As the danger mounts, he’s forced to partner with an untested operative to complete the mission and bring Ahmed to justice. Will he make it in time?



In Book III, Three Weeks in Washington, Titus embarks on an intelligence operation that spans two continents and exposes an Iranian general obsessed with destroying America.

As time runs out, Titus engages the enemy in a treacherous game of cat and mouse to save the lives of thousands and defeat the terrorists.

Can his faith sustain him as he faces his greatest challenge yet? Is he willing to lose Nikki to save his country?


In Book IV, Four Months in Cuba, Titus travels to Santiago de Cuba to locate his partner Ben Mitchell who’s been kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel.

After discovering Ben’s abduction was more than just a simple kidnapping, Titus teams up with an unconventional operative whose peculiar ideas threaten to destroy the mission.

Titus must risk everything to bring Ben home, including his relationship with Nikki Saxon. Will it be worth it?


Five Years in Yemen 600

In Book V, Five Years in Yemen, Titus is assigned to find a missing American CIA contractor who has been spotted in Yemen.

Along the way, he’s forced to deal with issues about his personal life, confront questions about his past, and make decisions about his future.

Can he trust God for the answers? Will Nikki agree with his decision? How will he handle the outcome?

2019-0689 Luana Ehrlich b02In Book VI, Two Steps Forward, Titus has an unexpected encounter in Morocco, an unexpected discovery in Israel, and an unexpected assassination in Iraq–and all this takes place while he’s on his honeymoon.

Join Titus in this unexpected thriller where he learns to rely on his fledgling faith, confront his past failures, and embrace a new life with Nikki Saxon Ray.

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